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“I am an autonomous documentary photographer and my work consists of a series of photographic images. Through a personal relationship with my subject, especially focusing on the concept of ‘neighbourhood’, I am interested in addressing broader universal, social, and cultural themes. In Dutch the term ‘buurman’ (neighbour) is a slang used as a way of greeting people around you.


I use photography as a way to make contact with people, to question the world, and to gain a grip on our fast-paced everyday ‘reality’. I use photographs mainly in grouped series, letting seperate images be in contact and conversation with one another in the form of publications and installations.


In 2013, I graduated  from the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague with the project She Comes in Colors, which later took form as a book. Currently, I am working on the long-term project Delfshaven's Finest, in the socially and culturally diverse neighborhood where I have lived in Rotterdam since 2013. From this project, emerged the work In Between Homes, in which I travel with my neighbors to their country of origin.“


1988, born in Velp, the Netherlands.


I currently live in Rotterdam, and work world wide.






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all images © Florian Braakman 2018


With the generous support of Mondriaan Fund

visit me at my studio (5 min from Rotterdam CS)

Delftsestraat 33-202

3013 AE Rotterdam

Curriculum Vitae



2008 - 2013

Photography (BA)

Royal Academy of Art, The Hague



Graduate in three days.

Workshop with master students of academy AKV St. Joost, Breda



Research Lab. Study program researching visual identity.


2004 - 2008

Fotonica, Ede



2018 CBK Projectbijdrage kunstfestival Charlois Speciaal

2017 Mondriaan Fonds, Werkbijdrage Jong Talent

2017 Gebiedscomissie Delfshaven, Stimuleringsbudget Lokale Media-initiatieven



Exhibitions (selection)

2018 Scanning Delfshaven - group show at Foundation Mesh

2017 Delfshaven's Finest - De Onzichtbare Stad - Beeldkanon group show at Theater Rotterdam

2017 She Comes in Colors (book) - My Name in a 100 Colophons - group show at Lief Hertje en de Grote Witte Reus, The Hague

2017 Us & Them at RAW Gallery, Rotterdam

2017 Leve de Zotheid, in collaboration with Vers Beton, Rotterdam Photo

2015 De Kracht van Rotterdam

2015 Under the Coke Sign - Galerie 180, SBK, Dordrecht

2015 Field Trip, C&H Art Space, Amsterdam

2014 She Comes in Colors - Trans Photographiques - group show of 16 nominees from the Poznan Photo Diploma Award, Lille, France

2014 She Comes in Colors - Frames of Thinking, Rotterdam

2014 She Comes in Colors - Artlab #02, Nijmegen

2013 She Comes in Colors - Poznan Photo Diploma Award, Poland

2013 She Comes in Colors - FTGRF ZKT, graduation show


Self Published

2017 Delfshaven's Finest, newspaper, Edition #01 and #02, 24.500 copies

2014 She Comes in Colors, photo book, second edition, 500 copies

2013 She Comes in Colors, photo book, first edition, 50 copies

2014 Wilhelmus, publication, 15 copies


Publications / Features

The Angry Bat

Paper Journal

Photo Eye
Wandering Bears

The Latent Image

New Dawn Paper

Virtual Book Shelf

Self Publish Be Happy

The Lost Prairie


Paper Journal


Prices & Nominations

2015 Finalist for Kracht van Rotterdam

2014 She Comes in Colors, shortlist Photobook Show, Tokyo, Japan

2013 She Comes in Colors, finalist Poznan Photo Diploma Award, Poland

2013 She Comes in Colors, shortlist Unseen Dummy Award



2011 Julian Röder, Berlin

2008 Arnhems Persagentschap, Arnhem

2006 Reinoud Klazes, Amsterdam



2016-2017 Stichting Ammodo

2016 If I Can't Dance

2016 De Volkskrant

2016 De Correspondent

2015 Subbacultcha!

2011 Royal Conservatoire, Den Haag

2011 Eye Film Instituut Nederland