In Between Homes, (work title) 2017 - ongoing


Evolving from the long-term project Delfshaven's Finest, this series emerges from the question: what is home? Together with people from my neighborhood, Delfshaven, I travel to their country of origin. In November 2017 I went to Curaçao with Rino Alvarez, who went back to the Dutch Caribbean island for the first time in ten years. In March 2018 I travelled with Silas Khalipha back to his roots in Coffee Bay, South Africa where he goes back twice a year.


It's an fantastic and intimate experience to travel to a country with a local as your guide. This gave me the chance to meet a culture from close by. With this project I want to shed light on contemporary migration issues which are currently very actual.


This project is ongoing, I want to visit more countries of origin with my neighbors. Currently I am developing forms of presentation. A first sketch from the Curaçao-series was presented at our Open Studios during Art Rotterdam 2017. I used the images in a visual narrative, combined with recorded ambient sounds.


Funded with generous support from the Mondriaan Fund

February 2018

Open Studios Delftsestraat. Work in progress from Curaçao. Audiovisual installation: Full HD Slideshow with 70 images and sound recordings. Print: Digital C-Print 50x65 cm