Werkplaats Molenwijk is Framer Framed’s new, second project space and artist-in-residency in Amsterdam-Noord, for and by residents interested in arts, culture, heritage and society. In October and November 2018, our first artist-in-resident, Florian Braakman, worked alongside

and with Molenwijk inhabitants to create an exhibition in light of the 50 year anniversary of the neighbourhood.


The exhibition portrays ’50 Years of Molenwijk’ through a combination of existing material and new images. Residents were invited to contribute ideas, memories of the neighborhood, and images from their personal archives. Florian Braakman captured the area through photography, photographing people in the streets and in their own homes. Young residents were involved in the project via photography workshops: armed with a disposable camera, they took to the streets and framed Molenwijk through their own lens.


The resulting exhibition & publication combines all the above elements, presenting a unique image of 50 Years Molenwijk, past and present.


Framer Framed, Amsterdam 2018


Supported by Gemeente Amsterdam, Ministerie van Onderwijs, Cultuur en Wetenschap, AFK, Netwerk Democratie en Fonds van Noord

Edition of 2500 copies

Tabloid size 28,9x42 cm

32 pages full color