Arles, France, 2012

Alexander Norton on 'Relaxpiration'.


"It is always refreshing to see an edit flourish. You almost feel involved with the decisions made, and the whole experience of viewing the series has a great sense of reward. Florian’s new series was made during a trip to Arles, and has the same sensation of discovery as in his other works. He described it as a relaxing experience and an inspiring one, so to come to a conclusion of the word combination summarises the overall feeling of the project. For me, it is as simple as that, and this makes it work. We sometimes need to keep going and our eyes just see things, and our brains want to categorise them into a series of images.


I am becoming increasingly interested in ‘fun’ photography, to avoid an amateur saying, but the kind of work that makes you feel good. It is almost a world away from hard hitting news, and sometimes there is nothing better than to sit and look at a series dictating a story of fun, just like we may curl up to our favorite show. They help provide an escape from the stark reality we face in daily life. To escape this way of the world is only a temporary feeling, however become crucial in a way to deal with the hard lessons you may learn outside this type of photographic work. But the photographs are determining something else, and that is a strong narrative. Implication oozes from the image pairing and we are met with humour and beauty. And you can get a sense that the feeling when taking the images was a relaxed one, when not a load of thinking was done, and the images were just taken.


I’d like to talk a bit about colour here, as this is something I forget sometimes, in that we see the world in colour, because it is colour. The way colour has been manipulated here grabs us entirely and the images become so bold it is hard to surpass them. It is the clean white light the flash smothers over the scene that makes these images something we draw to. This may be a simple point, but I have always found, the best work is simple but the way it is carried out is the successor that allows the work to completely work as a package of ideas."