Hello I’m Florian Braakman

I’m a photographic artist and
I make work to connect people.
I’m interested in communities, like my neighbourhood
Delfshaven, in Rotterdam.
I make (audio visual) installations,
and I create publications.

In Between Homes, Silas Khalipha, South Africa - “Everybody here think’s I’m a millionaire”. Picture movie, Full HD with stereo sound. On display at exhibition ‘Verwantschap’ Museum IJsselstein, 16 April - 3 July 2022

Wat een schoonmaker je kan vertellen over goed beleid - Publication on De Correspondent, in collaboration with Rasheed Vlijter en Tim ‘S Jongers, April 2022

Picture installation from Delfshaven’s Finest, 2013 - present, as part of the exhibition Foto Expo Botu, February - March 2022

Album art for Rotterdam based band d’Ancona, get your copy through their Instagram page

Research for Vers Beton, in collaboration with Associate Professor of the Erasmus University Jiska Engelbert

For the campaign Gewoon in Rotterdam, Florian Braakman made a visual tribute to ‘the Kapsalon’. A dish with origins in Delfshaven, but now a snack with world fame. Many thanks to El Aviva and their great kapsalons

New Pictures, 2021

Rosemary Joshua for Stichting Ammodo

Exhibition photography workshop Delfshaven, in collaboration with Foundation Mesh, June - September 2021

Campaign for Rotterdam Architecture Month in collaboration with AIR and studio de Ronners, picture: studio de Ronners

Coffee Bay, Moon I, 2018 - Delfshaven Night Walk I, 2018 - Lucky & Hiro, 2014. Digital C-Print, 30x45 cm, mounted on dibond, framed in white wooden frame. Prints for private collection.

Bonaventure Soh Bejeng Ndikung for Ammodo

Rotterdam, hoe gaat het? 2020 at Foundation Mesh, Marconiplein, 2020
Prints in various sizes in window displays, 24/7 visible for the passerby

Dit is Zuid, 2020 - Attractiepark Rotterdam, as part of art festival Charlois Speciaal, 2020

Different photogaphic works at Prospects & Concepts, Mondriaan Fund shows talent, Art Rotterdam, 2019

Broer, 2017 - present. Installation at exhibition Familie in Stedelijk Museum Schiedam, 2018 - 2019

In Between Homes, Rino Alvarez, Curaçao - “Ik ben een Rotterdammer” - Full HD picture movie