Photographer Florian Braakman has lived in Rotterdam-Delfshaven since 2013. In September 2020, he temporarily moved to Charlois for 6 weeks, to create new work for Charlois Speciaal. This new living and working environment caused Florian to adopt new routines. His fresh and open mind led to unplanned encounters with residents and situations. Using a film camera, he moved intuitively through the various districts of Charlois, until recently a relatively unknown and underexposed district for him. His silent film Dit is Zuid, 2020 takes the viewer on a journey through people, urban nature, habits and the changes that Charlois is going through. Dit is Zuid, 2020 reflects on current themes such as migration and identity, but is also an ‘observation exercise’ and an ode to the neighbourhood. The film will be screened in various locations in Charlois’ public space.

Stills from the 12:33 min full HD silent movie